Samsara Marks is a non profit, initiated in September 2018, by Cedric D, an academic researcher. The decision to launch Samsara Marks has been taken after numerous readings and conversations with researchers, professionals, practitioners and associations, in France and abroad, concluding to the need of such an initiative.

Research and references on those topics particularly lack in French language. That is why this tongue will be prioritized in our work and productions while developping collaborations with our English-speaking colleagues.

The name of the group was designed to be understood by both French-speaking and English-speaking communities:

  • SAMSARA – Science et Approches Modernes des Sexualités Atypiques et Relations Alternatives: Literally, “Science and Modern Approaches of Atypical Sexualities and Alternative Relationships”. We insist that our scientific approach is rooted in a social “modernity” that struggles against obscurantism.
  • MARKS – Modern Alternative Relationships & Kink Studies: This term also refers to traces, pleasant or not, that may leave a love relationship or a sexual activity, in the present setting.