Ethical code

  1. About human relationships and sexuality, I promote a scientific and “modern” approach, that uses reason to question traditions, clichés, prejudices, malfunctions of society, to improve everyone’s well-being and fulfillment, to identify and mitigate individual and collective risks, to improve scientific, medical and legal doctrins and fight against arbitrary judgements, discriminations and unfair and inefficient obscurantism.
  2. I appreciate diversity and I listen to others, with respect, tolerance and goodwill, whatever their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, customs, origin, skin color, disability, religion, appearence, education or title… When I talk, I am polite and accessible. If I do not understand or if I disagree with a point of view that diverges too much from my own references, I respect the person who speaks, nevertheless.
  3. I am conscious that the subjects we are talking about are sensitive and might trigger awkwardness, discriminations or even violence toward anyone interested and I commit to preserving other participants’ privacy. In particular, I will not record nor transmit their words, image, identity, contact information or any other information about them, without their explicit consent.